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ALK positivity on pleuroscopic pleural biopsy in
lung adenocarcinoma
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Vaidya PJ, Kate AH, Mehta D, Dhabar BN, Chhajed PN.
Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics. 2016. Apr-Jun;12(2):1090-2.


Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, and around 75% to 80% of lung cancers are detected in advanced stage. Multiple genetic mutations are identified and reported in adenocarcinoma of the lung. Various pulmonary samples can be tested for molecular mutations in lung cancer. However, feasibility of molecular profiling of pleuroscopic pleural biopsies in lung adenocarcinoma is not reported. We describe a case of advanced adenocarcinoma of lung with positive anaplastic lymphoma tyrosine kinase mutation on pleuroscopic pleural biopsy and improved with oral crizotinib. The current case highlights the feasibility of pleuroscopy.-guided pleural biopsies in molecular profiling of lung adenocarcinoma.


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