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  1. Promotion of lung research culture and a climate that fosters research.
  2. Perform research to find solutions for local problems
  3. To implement cost efficient diagnostic and therapeutic methods.
  4. To utilize research results in practice and guidelines formulation.
  5. To increase the standards in pulmonary medicine.
  6. To identify and initiate research in emerging fields of respiratory medicine


  1. To deliver medical services and perform research on country specific respiratory health
    problems relevant to developing countries
  2. To contribute to global health research aimed at developing new knowledge, diagnostic
    and therapeutic technologies and medicines
  3. To formulate sound policies and plans for field action
  4. To develop national and international networks for respiratory research and development (R&D)
    and its clinical applications through co-operations, collaborations and joint venture
    participation (JVP)
  5. To create infrastructure - clinical and R&D facilities under one roof for designing & implementation
    of different projects.
  6. To facilitate education programs in regard to lung diseases.
  7. There will be two main approaches for the research and development projects
    1. Initiation and implementation of projects mainly by IPMRD itself
    2. Projects in collaborations, co-operations & joint venture participation (JVP), which may be national or international with individuals or groups, institutions, organizations and


Role of IPMRD in collaborative and co-operative projects

  1. Design of national and international projects
  2. Provide infrastructure & platform for implementation of projects
    1. Provide capacity
    2. Database management & analysis
    3. Assistance for publications
    4. Facilities to do tests for various studies
    5. Provide organizational support


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